At the crossroads between the Liège urban area and farmland of Hesbaye, Ans boasts a double identity mixing town and countryside.

Its different parts, namely Ans, Alleur, Loncin and Xhendremael, have their own character specific to their history.

In Alleur, the mark of the Waroux family, the lords of the realm in the Middle Ages, can be found everywhere. Their castle is today a very active exhibition, concert and events centre.

Loncin is especially well known by tourists for the Fort of the same name. Probably one of its kind, this listed site has remained in the state it found itself on 15th August 1914 after the terrible explosion that devastated it. The visit is worth the detour for the very particular atmosphere that can be felt around the site, for the sound reconstitution of the final explosion during the battle of Liège and also for the adjoining museum.

Xhendremael, a farming village, is full of pretty paths. A marked trail starts from the Place du Viernay square.