Cafes and bars

Where to buy a drink

In Liège, there is an easy answer to this question: everywhere!

Indeed, the city is full of traditional or modern establishments where you can refresh yourself, relax and even discover local specialities such as regional beers or the traditional Peket gin!

Several of the city’s districts are particularly suited to enjoying an aperitif, a romantic night out, or a get-together with friends, for the first or last drink of the evening.

Place du Marché

This is the most picturesque of the squares in Liège to enjoy a drink. In the shade of the Perron monument and hundred-year-old trees, opposite the City Hall, the square is entirely surrounded by high quality terraces, cafés and restaurants.

Under the summer’s first rays of sunlight, the people of Liège flock to these terraces for a parade of summer-wear and sunglasses. After the cocktails and extravagant summer drinks, patio heaters and the famous mulled wine follow in the winter.

Also, it is in this square that the Christmas Village is held each year.

Place Cathédrale

At the heart of the shopping district, Place Cathédrale square and its adjoining streets (rue Saint-Paul, rue Soeurs-de-Hasque, rue Bonne Fortune) are brimming with small traditional or trendy cafés and restaurants, which are an ideal stop-off point on a day’s shopping or as a stage in discovering the historic centre of the city.

In winter, Place Cathédrale dons its Christmas decorations with many Christmas chalets and a large open air ice-skating rink.

In summer, a short stroll will take you to Place Saint-Paul square, next to the cathedral. From mid-June to 14th July, Liège becomes French with the now famous Gaulish Village, its nice wines and pétanque pitches. 

Place des Carmes

A short walk from Place Cathédrale square, Place des Carmes square has become, over the last few years, the place to be for post-work drinks and evenings out on a weekend, both in summer and winter.

Several establishments are specialised in wine tasting, but there are also traditional taverns and an ice cream parlour for when summer arrives.

Le Carré

Enjoying an almost legendary status in Wallonia, Le Carré in Liège is THE district for going out for students. In dark cafés or on lively terraces, the district is at its most effervescent during the periods of student parties (from September to September…) and after the end of exams (December, January and June).

Sometimes derided due to its disreputable past, Le Carré is today generally a safe area thanks to a district-wide safety and security campaign.