General Booking terms


The customer acknowledges she or he has read all the information concerning rates, content and other elements related to the services provided by the Tourist Office (Office du Tourisme) and its service providers. Booking automatically implies acceptance of these general terms.


Bookings are made using the form attached which is to be sent to the Tourist Office by post, fax or e-mail or via the on-line form on the www.visitezliè web site, at the latest 10 working days before the arrival of the group. The booking shall become effective when payment of the total amount for the service has been made and the reservation has been confirmed by the Tourist Office. Booking of coaches via the Tourist Office must be mentioned on the reservation form. To help the day run smoothly, the meeting time and place for the group must imperatively be mentioned on booking. The Tourist Office reserves the right to adapt the programme depending on the time constraints to be respected.
In the case of a meal, the Tourist Office must imperatively be informed of the number of participants 7 calendar days at the latest before the arrival of the group.


Customers undertake to pay the full sum due for the service to the account of the non-profit making organisation Manifestations liégeoises mentioned hereafter, at the latest 8 working days before the arrival of the group. If the payment has not been made within the specified period, the Office reserves the right to cancel the booking.
Any modification to the initial contract will be subject to an €8 administrative fee. 


In case of cancelation by a customer, she or he must inform the Tourist Office at the latest 10 working days before the date of the service, by post, e-mail or by fax. Failure to do so will lead to 50% of the payment made being retained by the Tourist Office as cancellation fees. In case of cancelation by the Tourist Office, the entire sum received shall be refunded to the customer.


It is recommended that the group leader arrives 10 minutes before the scheduled time of the first visit to take care of practical or administrative details, at the meeting point arranged beforehand between the customer and the Tourist Office.


If the customers are late to the meeting point, the guide shall wait for no longer than one hour and the duration of the visit shall be shortened by a time equal to the delay. Nonetheless, it will be possible for you to prolong your visit beyond the scheduled finish time depending on the availability of the guide and subject to his or her own agreements. In such a case, a surcharge of €40 per hour and per guide must be paid to the guide(s) on the same day as the tour.
If the guide is delayed, the group shall wait for half an hour. With the agreement of the group and subject to the guide’s availability, the visit may be extended by a time equal to the delay.


Booking service

Service Réservation
4 rue de la Boucherie - 4000 Liège, Belgique

 +32 (0)4 221 92 21 
 +32 (0)4 221 93 53


In case of participation of disabled persons in a tour, it is essential to notify the booking service. The access to museums in Liège for disabled persons, we invite you to consult the brochure Liège accessible to all (FR only). This brochure is available
at the Tourist Office or / tourism /publications

Performance of the visits

The specified length of the visits mentioned assumes that the group are reasonably mobile. On joint agreement between the customers and guide, the visit may be adapted to suit specific visitors or conditions. Guided visits are designed for a maximum of 25 people per guide in order to guarantee comfortable listening. At certain sites, in particular museums, the number of people per guide may be smaller. No complaints shall be accepted concerning any problems linked to the comfort of the visit from a group exceeding the maximum number.


In case of force majeure, the Tourist Office reserves the right to modify the performance of the programmes or replace the establishments by others of the same type. The Tourist Office shall not be held liable for incidents related to the weather, accidents, transport delays, strikes, exceptional or sudden closures, as well as damage, loss or theft that may occur during the visits or stay.  The Tourist Office shall not be held liable for an increase in the rates attributable to one of its service providers.
These general terms are governed by Belgian law. The competent courts in case of disputes are the courts of Liège.