August 15 festival

14-15 & 16 August - Cancelled in 2020

Liège’s unbeatable festivity!

On August 15th the city’s people get together in the neighbourhood of Outremeuse for several days of fun. For a whole week dozens of activities are organised: flea markets, concerts, games, fairs, Masses and folklore processions. It all starts with a big Brocante (flea market) the weekend before the festivity. This is followed by activities for children starting on August 12th and puppet shows in the Tchantchès Museum. On the 14th – the big night –several concerts take place in the neighbourhood, accompanied by endless food and drink stalls. Pékèt, the traditional drink of Liège, flows all night long! Don’t overdo it, or your head will pay the price the morning after! The 15th is the central day of the festivity: in the morning, a motorcade with the Vierge Noire (Black Virgin Mary) in Saint-Nicolas church. Her arrival on the main podium marks the start of a Mass held in the Walloon dialect. In the afternoon, folk groups and – in particular – the famous ceremonial giants of Liège go through Outremeuse in a procession. In the evening, Pékèt (once again!) and more concerts. As all good things must come to an end, the festivity is ‘buried’ on August 16th, both literally and figuratively. Wailing women dressed in black escort Matî l'Ohê (Matthew the bone) to his tomb to end the festivity. Get your trusses of celery ready, Matthew particularly likes celery... As a foretaste of next year’s festivity, a firework display lights up the sky on the night of 16th-17th August.