La Nocturne des coteaux de la Citadelle

1st saturday of October - Cancelled in 2020

For the last 22 years… on the first Saturday of October… just a few steps from Liège's main square… in the heart of its historical quarter… Liège at night…. on its hillsides… for one evening Liège reveals its alleyways, courtyards, staircases, terraces, paths, fields and meadows. They are all exceptionally accessible, lit up tastefully, and joyfully animated in an enchantment of light and a festive atmosphere. The Coteaux (hill sides)  de la Citadelle, with its 60 monuments and 5 classified sites, bears witness to the old landscape of Liège through 28 hectares of well-preserved green spaces right in the heart of the city. In April 2011 the Coteaux was awarded three stars in the prestigious Michelin Guide, where, on a gentle October evening, you can stroll along marvellous and unusual walks lit up by more than 22,000 candles and several lights accompanied by music, theatre and open-door events. Heritage enthusiasts, curious visitors, lovers of intimate atmospheres, night birds or people simply attracted by the idea… every year more of them come to wander through the surprises and discoveries of ‘backstage’ Liège