Salazar : 40 years of painting

31.08.2019 > 20.10.2019

Rétrospective Luis Salazar - 40 ans de peinture (1979-2019)

LUIS SALAZAR – 40 years of painting (1979-2019))
31.08.2019 > 20.10.2019

Salazar L. AW 2503Luis Salazar presents at the Museum La Boverie the fruit of forty years of creation. Over an evolutionary journey, the artist invites us to grasp the changes and innovations that he gradually infuses into his work. Like a breadcrumb trail, however, his eternal worries, his insatiable thirst for life and his frenzied optimism in the present moment can be read all along the way of his creation .
Being the receptacle of the contrary currents of abstraction, whether geometric or lyrical, the painter gives us as a new alchemy, a middle path, which one could call baroque abstraction. Vocabulary and grammar of shapes and colours create a passionate, singular and subtle phrasing that is not lost on anyone. Not even the poet Jacques Izoard who will make Salazar’s a support for his words.


Luis Salazar, sans titre © Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège – La Boverie