Herstal, once Charlemagne's imperial residence, has many hidden treasures for those who scratch beneath the surface. The Herstal Municipal Museum, located in the splendid Place Licourt, is the best way to discover our historic and industrial heritage. It will take you through our history, from Antiquity to the jewels of our industrial sector. The Saint-Oremus Chapel, which dates back to the 8th-century; Fort de Pontisse, which still stands as testament to the resistance in Liège; the world-renowned Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal; our new Town Hall with its amazing architecture; the "Ferme Charlemagne"; the Vottem Strawberry Museum; the bold train station in Marexhe; and Bouxhtay Chapel, nestled in a verdant patch, are all worth a visit. If you are an outdoors type, our themed walks in the footsteps of Charlemagne, on the "Voie des Botîs", through our Arboretum or along the life story of René Henoumont are just what you are looking for!