Liège waffle - Recipe

Their inimitable flavour, luscious aroma and instantly recognisable shape are what makes Liège waffles famous.

Recipe from La Strème Liège Waffle Brotherhood

Ingredients (15 to 20 waffles): 

» 1 kg of flour

» 75 g of yeast

» 5 dL of lukewarm milk and water

» 50 g of ultra-fine sugar

» 2 eggs

» 500 g of butter

» 50 g of honey, vanillin or cinnamon

» 3 g of baking soda

» 600 g of beaded sugar



» Make a yeast dough with 800 g of flour, the yeast, the ultra-fine sugar and the eggs.

» Allow the dough to rise for 15 minutes. Next, add the butter, the honey, 200 g of flour, the salt, the vanillin and the baking soda.

» Knead the mixture to obtain a smooth dough and allow to rise again

for 10 minutes in a temperate place.

» Next, add the beaded sugar and divide the dough into pieces of 90 to 140 g, depending on the size of the waffle iron, and allow it to rise.

» Cook over low heat for large waffles and use high temperatures for waffle irons with a shallow pattern.