The Oupeye municipality, located in Basse-Meuse, spans the villages of Haccourt, Hermalle-sous-Argenteau, Hermée, Heure-le-Romain, Houtain-Saint-Siméon, Oupeye and Vivegnis. It is crossed by the Meuse river, the Albert Canal and the E25 motorway (running from northern Holland to Italy). As well as boasting a vibrant industrial and business base, the Oupeye municipality is home to beautiful landscapes and heritage. Among other things, it has over 150 kilometres of marked paths through the charming countryside of Basse-Meuse and along a handful of extraordinary landmarks. One of them, Oupeye Castle, is a jaw-dropping building which hosts numerous cultural activities and celebrations throughout the year (Artstreet Hip-Hop Festival, Christmas Market, concerts, exhibitions, etc.). Oupeye is also known for its enduring folklore, including the cramignon traditional dances and the famous Macralles Sabbath in Haccourt.