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Liege by bike

Take off for an exciting bike ride in the Liège region!
Biking is a fantastic way of discovering Liège and its region, along the Meuse, the RAVel routes or along the bike paths winding around the valley. It’s also a much easier way of exploring the ins and outs of Liège!

Cycling routes

Logo application wandelingen door Luige

The app Balades liégeoises

Use our Balades Liégeoises application to find the best cycling paths in the region!
100% free, functional and practical! Choose the circuits you want to follow and take them with you as you walk. You can move around without even having to be connected to the internet.

The Liège region's network of nodes

Why not go for a relaxing bike ride?
In partnership with the Fédération du Tourisme de la Province de Liège, the regional Liège Tourist Board offers a new map of the nodel-points network which is free-of-charge. You can pick it up in our offices or download it. A great opportunity to take off and explore the wonders and unique landscapes of the Liège region.

Basically, this network has numerous nodal-points with a numbered signpost at each crossing area, indicating which direction you should take depending on the route chosen. Each stretch is around 5 to 8 kilometres long which lets you take either short or long routes, … depending on what you want.

But also...

Check out other bike trails on the Pro Vélo site and download your own GPX file.

Guided bike tours

Visit Liège's bike in front of the Grand Curtius
Once in a while, the Maison du Tourisme organises guided bike tours around the city. A fantastic way to visit all the interesting Liège landmarks boosted by the entertaining anecdotes and explanations of our guides.
Check out the possible tours available during your stay.
Check out our guided tours
In practice
Bike parking in Liège
There are 3 free-of-charge parking areas available 24/7 near the Guillemins train station and, for a small fee, a secured, covered parking area.
More details: Bike parking areas - Bike parks - Pro vélo
Find the other bike parking areas available in Liège (racks, secure shelters, short-stay, …): Parken in Lüttich
All you need to know about road signage in Liège (bike lanes, cycle routes and specific signage). Signposting in Liege
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