Liège. Chefs-d'oeuvre.

25 max
Week days €80
Week-end €90
Week days €110
Week-end €120
Week days €140
Week days €150
+ €8/per pers. for the entrance to the exhibition

Liège. Chefs-d’œuvre. : a unique journey through 200 masterpieces selected from among the thousands in the Liège Fine Arts Museum’s collection.

Liège. Chefs-d’œuvre. : a strong dialogue between periods and movements, from the Renaissance masters to modern artists, Belgian (and specifically Liégeois) artists, to big international names.

Liège. Chefs-d’œuvre. : spotlights on Evenepoel, Wouters’ light, Ensor, insaisissable, Bury and his moving sculptures, etc.

Liège. Chefs-d’œuvre. : thirty new pieces recently acquired by the museum.

Liège. Chefs-d’œuvre. : a unique look at five centuries of artistic (r)evolutions