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Liège Beerlovers City

In Liège, beer is for sharing!
Liège is the place to be for beer lovers! The Ardent City is brimming with gourmet qualities and beer is no exception. Breweries, specialist shops, cafés, bars, restaurants, zythology courses… A treasure trove of discoveries awaits.
Various initiatives aim to promote the Belgian-specific expertise in brewing beer. Did you know that in 2016, the Belgian beer culture was inscribed on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage?

To help guide beer lovers, the Liège BeerLovers’ City label has created a series of events and quality certifications for products and venues. You will find all you need to know about beer in Liège, from its production to where to enjoy it. Discover the region’s brewers, the city’s best cafés and the restaurants where your beer will not only be your drink, but also an ingredient of your meal (coming soon in our new brochure).

An intoxicating itinerary awaits!

Certified craft breweries

Discover all the handcrafted breweries which are mostly open to the public in the Liège region. Zythology workshops, guided tours, bars, restaurants … we’ll guide you through the various facilities and events. Visiting a brewery is a fantastic way of directly learning about making beer, with that added bonus at the end … getting to taste them!

Beers brewed abroad

A contract beer is a beer brewed according to an original recipe in a production brewery but is usually marketed by another company or individual who does not yet have the necessary infrastructure for production.
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